Sharing WildPosh's mission: Beenovation’s latest podcast episode

3 Apr 2024

Photo credit: Beenovation

The Beenovation podcast series consists of five episodes and dives deep into the world of bee health, exploring a range of crucial topics with expert guests. From the integration of digitalization and sensor technology to innovative approaches in beekeeping and agricultural practices, each episode sheds light on strategies to enhance bee vitality. Exploring issues such as pesticide impacts, disease detection, and the interplay between wild and honey bees, the podcast offers valuable insights and raises important questions about safeguarding these vital pollinators. Through engaging discussions and exploration of research projects, listeners gain a comprehensive understanding of the challenges facing bee populations and the ongoing efforts to address them.

In their latest episode Impact of pesticides on bee health and alternative crop protection, Dr. Silvio Erler (NutriBee) and Dr. Silvio Knäbe (OCELI) delve into the current use of pesticides in agriculture and its potential impact on bee health. Their discussion centers on the role of research in identifying risks for bees and exploring alternatives to conventional pesticides.

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Listen to the podcast (in German) here