WildPosh Partners at EU Pollinator Week

12 Dec 2023

Pollinators are a key part of European biodiversity and provide a wide range of benefits to crops, plants, and human wellbeing. Under the motto “Time to bee coherent for a buzzing future”, the EU Pollinator Week 2023 gathered representatives from European and national institutions, farmers, NGOs, and scientists to discuss and raise awareness about pollinator health and the importance of the beekeeping sector.

Two project partners represented WildPosh during the EU Pollinator Week and provided valuable insights.

The hybrid session titled "FUTURE FOR POLLINATORS: The Nature Restoration Law and Pollinators" was a highlight during the event. Recognising the crucial role of pollinators, the NRL serves as a key legislative proposal aiming to restore 20% of land and sea areas by 2030. Keynote speaker Prof. Denis Michez (UMONS) delved into the facts behind the NRL, providing valuable insights.

The online session on "Climate Change and Pollinators" brought attention to the impacts of climate change on wild pollinators. Guillaume Ghisbain (UMONS) discussed the alarming consequences, emphasising rising temperatures and the escalation of extreme climate events. Droughts, floods, heatwaves – these events pose significant threats to pollinator populations, surpassing their adaptive capacities.

The three-day event featured more sessions and workshops covering topics from nature restoration, data and pollination, to pesticide risk assessment and the effect of climate change on pollinators.

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